Coleraine Inst Magazine Subscription

  • For subscriptions of £15 or over per annum we will post you a copy of the school magazine which also incorporates an Old Boys’ Section, allowing you to keep in touch with what is happening at the school, and with your peers.
  • The Old Boys’ Association contributes money to causes for which the school itself will not be directly funded. Therefore any contribution that you would like to make will be used for the benefit of future generations of CAI pupils. We try to ensure money is allocated not just to the most popular activities but also things where it could be harder to raise money.
  • There are also the annual social events such as the Old Boys’ Dinner (generally in November) and Golf Outing (generally in September).
  • There are active Old Boys’ branches in Belfast, London and overseas.
We will accept subscriptions of any amount however it is important to note only those of £15 per annum or over will receive the magazine due to the high cost of publication and postage. If you wish to contribute please fill in the contact form on our Contact Page.

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